“The Taj Mahal was built in memory of Mumtaz Mahal. In building the Taj, Shah Jahan created his vision of the world, not as it is, but rather as it should be – harmonious, graceful and pure. Inspired by love and shaped to perfection. The Taj Mahal immortalizes one man’s love for his wife and the splendor of an era.” (PBS)

Thankfully, Shah Jahan did not wait for his wife to die before he showed her such love. Like him, we can leave a far more important legacy. How sad it would be to go to our grave without having spent as much time as possible with those we love. The greatest legacy is not money or things, it is time. Time with our loved ones.

When I was doing research some twenty years ago into brain tumor therapy for my dad, I came across one of the saddest articles I had ever read. It was from a political powerhouse named Lee Atwater. At the time of writing he was on his deathbed filled with regret. He resented the life he had lived and the people he had hurt. He wished his life hadn’t been so consumed with work. He longed for more time with his family and friends. How many times has that story been repeated?

Thankfully, my dad died with very few regrets. He had grown up orphaned at a young age by a mother who committed suicide and a doctor/father too busy to really care. Because he didn’t get the time and attention he deserved growing up, dad knew the greatest legacy is to be remembered by family and friends for the time spent together. To be someone who gives all they possibly can of their time, attention, sympathy, and most of all, love.

Those things all require time. Our goal at Jackson Private Wealth Management is to take some of the burden of investment and financial planning off of your shoulders so that you can spend as much time as possible with your loved ones before it is too late. Give them what they really want…you!