Someone once remarked that life insurance is the greatest love letter that a person could leave his or her family. As you might have guessed, that someone was a life insurance agent!

At Jackson Private Wealth Management we believe that the love letter in question really should be far broader than a simple life policy. It ought to include the entire estate. We can provide your legal team with insight into the investment and financial planning aspects of your situation needed to prepare your estate documents. We can help you articulate your financial wishes so they can be carried out to the letter of the law allowing you peace of mind knowing that your loved ones, charities, and business interests will be cared for even if you die or become disabled.

None of us likes to contemplate his own death or disability but we simply cannot do what is necessary until we come to grips with the sad possibility. Instead of compounding the emotional trauma with a financial mess, we can at least ease part of the burden for those that we leave behind or those who pick up the slack if we become disabled. We’re empathetic to the feelings of our clients in these sensitive areas while remaining open to candid discussions of the risks each of us faces.

Note: Jackson Private Wealth Management, Inc. does not provide legal advice but works with you and your legal team to make sure your financial legacy is established according to your wishes.